Air Pollution Kills 3 Million Per Year

This article discusses the effect that air pollution has on the population of the world.  Per year about 3 million people, about 6% of the population, die from pollution and smog in the air.  This number is more than HIV and Malaria combined.  1.4 million of the 3 million deaths occur in China, 645,000 occur in Pakistan, and 110,000 occur in Saudi Arabia.  These numbers are much larger than scientists ever would have predicted 10 years ago.  It was proven that the small amount of air pollution in the United States comes mainly from the fertilizer and pesticides that farmers use on their fields.


One comment

  1. ravimalik16 · January 28, 2016

    Wow, very interesting. I’m glad you brought this important topic to our attention. That is an alarming amount of death!


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