Palau-The Nation’s New Ocean Preserve

The small Western Pacific island of Palau has just approved the creation of an ocean preserve, about 500,000km (193,000 square miles).  This small island is about the size of New York City and will now be completely protected from the dangers of the open ocean.  Congress has approved the proposal of making 80% of the terrestrial water unusable to humans and their activities.  This includes fishing and mining.  They agreed that the other 20% will be open to local fisherman and small commercial ships carrying goods, but making sure the activities are extremely limited as to not effect the island’s preserve.

Here is a picture of where the island is located, and the approved sanctuary



One comment

  1. ravimalik16 · November 2, 2015

    Great article Lillie, very interesting. I think it very important to being to preserve our oceans just like we do our land. Wonderful first step in this necessary process. Thanks for bringing such an interesting concept to our attention!


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