Largest Freshwater Fish Found?

Recently scientists that were working in the Mae Klong River caught a sting ray that they compare to the size of a car.  They were not able to weigh the animal without hurting it, but can estimate that it is about 800-900 lbs.  Upon measuring it, they found that it is about 7.9 feet long and 14 feet across.  This finding puts it in the running for one of the largest freshwater fish ever recorded.  They cannot be certain about this idea, but scientists are almost certain that it will be the largest freshwater fish recorded.




One comment

  1. AP Environmental Science Blog · December 14, 2015

    Oh my god! I never thought a stingray could be that big, it’s absolutely crazy. However, it is also really sad because this shows how events such as, water pollution, are affecting animals like these and putting them in danger of extinction.


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