El Nino Breaks 18 Year Wave Drought

El Nino was a blessing for Hawaii this year.  Last Thursday the Quicksilver surf competition was able to run because the waves were bigger than they have been in 18 years.  This is due to the El Nino waves.  In the surf competition’s history it has only been able to run 9 times in the past 33 years due to the height of the waves.  In order for it to run, waves much reach at least 20 feet, which has rarely happened.  However, surfers were very happy that the competition could be held with waves of such magnitude.






  1. ravimalik16 · March 4, 2016

    Wow, very interesting. Normally we think of El Nino as a problem, but it is good to know that it can do some good as well!


  2. This article was very interesting because like Ravi said, I did not think that El Nino could result in something good, especially on an island like Hawaii.


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