Flooding in South Carolina

Hurricane Joaquin hit South Carolina very hard several days ago.  Ranging from 20-40 inches in some places (17 in capital city Columbia), to 60 inches in others, the streets were left flooded.  Homes were destroyed, collapsed, and 9 people were killed.  Because of the excess rain, the Congaree became so flooded that the runoff began contaminating the city drinking water, leaving around 40,000 people without clean drinking water.  In about one year, South Carolina experiences about 20 inches of rain, so this mass amount of rain is catastrophic for the state.



Air Pollution Kills 3 Million Per Year

This article discusses the effect that air pollution has on the population of the world.  Per year about 3 million people, about 6% of the population, die from pollution and smog in the air.  This number is more than HIV and Malaria combined.  1.4 million of the 3 million deaths occur in China, 645,000 occur in Pakistan, and 110,000 occur in Saudi Arabia.  These numbers are much larger than scientists ever would have predicted 10 years ago.  It was proven that the small amount of air pollution in the United States comes mainly from the fertilizer and pesticides that farmers use on their fields.


Mining in Greenland

The article I read discusses mining in Greenland.  Recently it was discovered that Greenland has a surplus of gold, zinc, and nickel under its surface.  It also contains many other elements that are used in the making of smart cars, electric cars, missiles and televisions.  Many people think that mining these elements would be great publicity for the country, as well as bring in lots of extra money.  However, thousands of people that own farm land in Kujalleq (where one of the mines would be placed) are wary about allowing this to happen.  If this mining ensues, they would lose a large amount of their farm land, and a lot of their income.

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